"15-Minutes of Fame"

           Palm Bay, Florida USA


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Friday 4:30pm Show
"THE GIFT OF LIFE" 14-min, Doc. Florida
"  10-min, Drama, New Jersey
87-min, Comedy, Florida

Saturday 1pm Show

"THE MODELS OF BEKONSCOT" 5-min, Doc., England
"IRRATIONAL"  8-min, Comedy, Florida
"VOICE FROM THE GRAVE" 15-min, Thriller, Florida
"THE TRAP" 5-min, Family, Canada
"CONDITIONAL"  12-min, Drama, ColoradoWinner: Best Drama
"WHO STABBED RENO ENGLAND" 6-min, Drama, Florida
"RESCUE YOURSELF"  13-min, Comedy, Germany.  Winner: Best Foreign Film
"WHO I AM" 5-min, Music Video, New York
"THE ABLES' HOUSE IS GREEN"   13-min, Drama, VT. Winner: Best Cinematography
"CRUSHED" 7-min, Family, Florida

Saturday 3pm Show
"SCOUT"  8-min, Family, California
"THE FLY TRAP"  10-min, Sci-Fi, New York
"PRESUMED DEAD"  15-min, Mystery, Florida
"_____" INSERT SUPERHERO HERE"  5-min, Crime, Florida
"HAVE NO FEAR"  7-min, Drama, Florida
"KEN'S JOURNEY TO RECOVERY",  15-min, Doc, Florida
"THE HATCHLING"   8-min, Family, Florida.  Winner: Best Florida Film
"GRANTED"  13-min, Drama, Florida
"COVER"   5-min, Comedy, Florida.   Winner: Best Screenplay

Saturday 5pm Show
"DOUBLE RUN-LEVITATE"  6-min, Music Video, Georgia.  Winner: Best Music Video
"CLOSING SESSION"  5-min, Drama, Florida
"JUNGLE CURSE"  15-min, Adventure, Florida
"BETTER THAN BULLIES"  4-min, Family, California
"THE SAMATARIANS"  15-min, Thriller, Ohio
"DOGBERRY"  8-min, Drama, Georgia
"THIS OLD GUITAR"   15-min, Drama, Kansas. Winner: Best Director
"PIECES"  12-min, Thriller, California.   Winner: Best Editing
"THE FAMILY BUSINESS"  5-min, Drama, Florida
"RAISING THE TITANIC"   8-min, Doc, Florida. Winner: Best Documentary

Saturday 7pm Show
"THE INTERROGATION", 4-min, Drama, New York
"POISON APPLE", 10-min, Family/Musical, Hawaii  Winner: Best Family Film
"DAY OF TERROR", 15-min, Thriller, Florida
"TEAL DIVA", 15-min, Doc, Florida
"HURDY GURDY", 4-min, Experimental, Germany
"THE PAINTER AND THE WIFE", Comedy, MI  Winner: Best Short
"DARREN OCKERT", 10-min, Florida
"MY PAD THAI", 15-min, Drama, Florida
"DREAM SEASON", 5-min, Drama, Florida

Saturday 9pm Show
"4-1-9", Drama, 15-min, England
"SKINNER'S CABIN", 15-min, Thriller, Florida
"A PLACE FOR LILY", 15-min, Drama, Florida
"JOE HAPLESS", 7-min, Drama, California
"IT'S ONLY US", 13-min, Drama, New York
"THE REBEL PRINCE", 7-min, Drama, Florida
"THE CO-STAR", 14-minutes, Comedy, California  Winner: Best Comedy
"KILLER KART", 15-min, Horror, Florida  Winner: Best Horror Film


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