"15-Minutes of Fame"

           Palm Bay, Florida USA

9pm Films

udience Choice Award by popular vote: "The Co-Star"

15-minutes, Drama, England. Directed by Alexander Etseyatse. "4-1-9" centers around two British-Nigerian brothers, older brother Ade and younger brother Segun. Ade is finally ending the illegal family business with his girlfriend Sophia at his side. Segun is at odd with this decision and his mom Tudi is taking no sides. Ade will make an important announcement at their family reunion.
"SKINNER'S CABIN" 15-minutes, Thriller, Florida. A hillbilly named 'Skinner' fancies himself to be a good hunter. He tracks down his prey, kills it, skins it, and eats it. Sometimes he even catches his prey by spreading nails on the roadway...
"A PLACE FOR LILY" 15-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by Andrew Lawrence Fisher.  "A Place For Lily" takes place in rural Florida in the early 1960's. When Lily's heated confrontation with her father, ends in gunfire, Lily and her best friend must go on the run. The girls short journey ends in a way that neither of the girls would ever expect. Website
"JOE HAPLESS" 7-minutes, Drama, California. Directed by Bolaji Tijani-Qudus. When a Man is fed up with life and its curve balls, does he turn inwards, or does unleash his frustrations on the outside world?
"IT'S ONLY US" 13-minutes, Drama, New York. Directed by Michael Pantoja.  Racial profiling. Heavy drinking. Insufficient hand soap. Just some of the hazards of gay dating in New York City. Timothy, an upwardly mobile merchandise planner, is on his third date with Adam, a handsome, hipster do-gooder. With a mission to impress and win him over, Timothy takes out all the stops... just a little too much. 'It's Only Us' is both a hopeless and hopeful love letter to being single.
"THE REBEL PRINCE" 7-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by Fabian Davis.  Ignoring his teacher's counseling, a talented little boy decides he wants to be like a street-hardened criminal from his neighborhood, only to find out he's a cold-hearted criminal.
"THE CO-STAR" 14-minutes, Comedy, California. Directed by Rhian Green. Winner: Best Comedy.  In the cut-throat world of 'under five' acting, will Cloe manage to overcome self-doubt, face those sharks, and become 'The Co-Star' she was always destined to be?
"KILLER KART" 15-minutes, Horror, Florida. Directed by James Feeney. Winner: Best Horror Film. The shopping cart. Four wheels, one basket, and tonight, for the closing crew of a small-town grocery store, a blood-splattered aluminum nightmare. Website

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