"15-Minutes of Fame"

           Palm Bay, Florida USA

7pm Films

udience Choice Award by popular vote: "Dream Season"

4-minutes, Drama, New York. Directed by Ben Fiore. When street thug Johnny Talbot is questioned by Detective Tom Burns in connection with the brutal murder of Rita Wallace, he has no idea of how determined Burns is to prove his guilt--even though he is innocent of the crime.
"POISON APPLE"  10-minutes, Family/Musical, Hawaii. Directed by Dane Neves. Winner: Best Family Film. A musical retelling of the Brothers Grimm's classic fairy tale Snow White as seen through the eyes of the infamous poison apple. Featuring five original songs, whimsical puppets, and dazzling special effects.
"DAY OF TERROR" 15-minutes, Drama, Florida. When a man is robbed at gunpoint, he not only loses his car and wallet, but his driver's license, which has his home address on it. Before he can rush home, the robbers have stormed his house, tied up his wife, and made off with their valuables.  Trailer
"TEAL DIVA"  15-minutes, Documentary, Florida. Directed by Brady Bigalke.  This is the story of how nine women faced their battles against GYN cancers and how one woman chose to make a difference. May the women newly-diagnosed with a GYN cancer join hands with their teal sisters and find the strength to fight each day. Whether a cancer patient or not, you are invited to join the celebration of life!
"HURDY GURDY" 4-minutes, Experimental, Germany. Directed by Daniel Seideneder.  “Hurdy Gurdy” is the english term for a barrel organ. Just like a barrel organ that repeats its song over and over again, everything in this film is in constant motion: trains, cars, airplanes, ships and people. Yet what is real and what is fake? This short film uses its extraordinary aesthetics to question reality.
"THE PAINTER AND THE WIFE" 11-minutes, Comedy, Michigan. Directed by Andy Fortenbacher. Winner: Best Short. When Lyle's wife Daisy unexpectedly invites a charming artist to stay at their house and paint her portrait, he sets out to determine if she is having an affair.
"DARREN OCKERT" 10-minutes, Documentary, Florida. Directed by Hector M. Sanchez Jr.  Singer, Songwriter, and Producer Darren Ockert shows us the struggles of making music, even the tolls of being an openly gay artist in the industry.
"MY PAD THAI" 15-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by Tanaphol Wongpan.  My Pad Thai is a life journey of Jack, who was born with precious gift. Since he was eight years old, he could make not good, but wonderful Pad Thai. While his Pad Thai made a huge impressed on Ping, the others kid in American school, at that time, thought his Pad Thai was awful lunch box. Jack has grown up with the cruel memory of himself embarrassing in front of the girl he loved. Even though he, presently, works in a Thai restaurant, his childhood memory resists him from eating any Thai food. However, Ping's childhood memory tell her that Jack can be more than a dishwasher. He can be a chef. She just needs to find a way to bring his passion back.

5-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by Chris Beemer.  When Carpenter, the Last-String Quarterback, gets his one shot to play, it turns out to be far more than the last rep of practice for him!