"15-Minutes of Fame"

           Palm Bay, Florida USA

5pm Films

udience Choice Award by popular vote: "The Family Business"

"DOUBLE RUN-Levitate"
6-minutes, Music Video, Georgia. Directed by Patrick Rippman. Winner: Best Music Video. A man in a dog mascot costume attempts to find his place in the world.
"CLOSING SESSION" 5-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by Raymond Calderon. In a future where short-term reanimation is possible, a remorseful man is given one last chance to speak to his recently deceased daughter, Anna. Edward believes this is his only for reconciliation but once the session begins, Anna starts to realize what has happened, forcing Edward to reevaluate his priorities.
"JUNGLE CURSE" 15-minutes, Adventure, Florida. In New York, two private detectives are hired to find a pair of missionaries, who are lost in the jungles of Panama. The detectives' only clue is a mysterious note with the word 'Gila'. But what is Gila? Is it a person?...a place?...a river? It could be anything. Along the way, the detectives encounter drug smugglers, voodoo, and an army of walking dead.  Trailer
"BETTER THAN BULLIES" 4-minutes, Family, Ohio. Directed by Brenda Fies. When a young teenager is bullied on the way home from school, she comes up with an unusual way to turn the tables.
"THE SAMARITANS" 15-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by J.Buckner. A young couple take a day off work and go to a park. A man approaches them, begging for help. He claims he is a Catholic priest who was abducted and has escaped. They are reluctant to allow this stranger into their car, and soon a van with two men appears. They claim to be from a sanitarium and want to take the priest away. What are they to do?
"DOGBERRY" 8-minutes, Drama, Georgia. Directed by Geoff James.  A man returns to his former home only to discover that he can not outrun the past.
"ESTA GUITARRA VIEJA (This Old Guitar)" 15-minutes, Drama, Kansas. Directed by Steve Lerner. Winner: Best Director.  This fourteen minute dramatic film tells the story of Marina, a young singer-songwriter who left Cuba as a baby with her mother to come to the United States. Her father, a dedicated guitarist, stayed behind in Havana and died several years later. Now, as an adult, Marina tries to reconnect with her past, and the father she has known only in dreams, through her music and the old guitar he gave her. A poignant story of emigration and loss, Esta Guitarra Vieja shows us the power of music to forge connections, and to touch us in places where words alone can't go.
"PIECES" 12-minutes, Drama, California. Directed by John Ladarola. Winner: Best Editing. Assumed insane, a girl who's traveling through time without her control is accused of her sister's murder. She must find the truth or lose the only person she cares for.
"THE FAMILY BUSINESS" 5-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by Brandon Anthony.  A young woman must decide whether to pursue her own dreams and goals or to go into... The Family Business.
"RAISING THE TITANIC" 8-minutes, Documentary, Florida. Directed by Alex Mitchell. Winner: Best Documentary.  27 years after the Titanic shipwreck is discovered, the steward and sole salvager of the Titanic, RMS Titanic Incorporated, is holding a private auction, in which they will sell over 5,000 artifacts from the wreck site for over 189 million dollars.