"15-Minutes of Fame"

           Palm Bay, Florida USA

3pm Films

Audience Choice Award by popular vo
te: "Scout"

8-minutes, Family, California. Directed by Philip Alvy.   Alana, a young and independent Girl Scout, must try and sell the most cookies in her troop, beating her main competitor Brittney, and win the grand prize of a dream bedroom makeover.
"THE FLY TRAP" 10-minutes, Sci-fi, New York. Directed by Joe Warshaw.  An out of work college professor obtains old papers that may have belonged to Albert Einstein. These papers contain the instructions of how one would construct a time piece that can stop time, and the person holding the time piece can move about without anyone knowing the time is stopped.
"PRESUMED DEAD" 15-minutes, Drama, Florida. Brian Parker, a wealthy businessman, dies in a boating accident while on vacation in the Bahamas. His lawyer and business partners are quickly called together for the reading of his will, and everyone is happy to learn that they will split $65-million dollars. But a mysterious woman appears, claiming to be Parker's daughter, and she intends to keep all of her father's money for herself.  Trailer
"_____" ( INSERT SUPERHERO NAME HERE)" 5-minutes, Crime, Florida. Directed by Kevin Shah. The fantasy of being a superhero is widespread. This film plays with the idea of what being a modern day realistic superhero is. It questions who is the real superhero and who can become one. A young man monitors the air waves to track down crime in his city. He transforms himself into a superhero to fight the crime, but his methods are unique and unexpected. The movie asks the question; who is the real super hero?  Website
"HAVE NO FEAR" 7-minutes. Drama, Florida. Directed by R. Emmett Fitzsimmons. Melvin did not realize at first who he was testifying against. Now it's up the the DA and the FBI to keep Melvin alive for as long as they can..but, the MOB has other plans.....
"KEN'S JOURNEY TO RECOVERY" 15-minutes. Documentary. Florida. Directed by Marty Kelley. This film documents an autistic boy's extraordinary results with a controversial new treatment--stem cell therapy. See for yourself the changes that occurred in just a few year period!  Produced to give hope to those families struggling with autism, this documentary was filmed in Maine and Florida. Kenneth Kelley attends Broward County schools in Florida and is proud of his new life after stem cells.
"THE HATCHLING" 8-minutes, Family, Florida. Directed by John Wikstrom. Winner: Best Florida Film.  When two siblings, Hayden and Emily, find a large and mysterious egg, the only question more important than what it might be is what they should do with it. Saddled with the new responsibility, Emily learns that the only thing more fragile than this giant egg is her brother's heart.
"GRANTED" 13-minutes, Drama, Florida. Directed by Cait Shull. Following the worst game of charades they’ve ever played, Veronica’s determined to cheer Paul up for his birthday after their embarrassing loss. Problem is, Paul won’t just say what he wants! Grudgingly, Paul heads to the store with Veronica for a shopping trip she hopes will spark liveliness back into their relationship. On the brink of a shopping meltdown, Veronica encounters the mystical salesclerk Dara, who gives her the power to see Paul’s true wish. Now Veronica thinks she's nailed it, but Paul's true wish isn't the only wish she needs to discover; she finds that she wants something too.
"THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE BASEMENT" 3-minutes, Kids, Missouri. Directed by Dale Ward.  10-year-olds Lester and Wyatt must learn to face their fears: through screaming, through bravery, through weaponry. But sometimes things are not quite what they seem...
"COVER" 5-minutes, Comedy, Florida. Directed by Jeff Corpening. Winner: Best Screenplay. Marty wants his sister to tell a 'white lie'. Seems Marty was out with another woman, not his wife.