"15-Minutes of Fame"

           Palm Bay, Florida USA

1pm Films
Audience Choice Award by popular vote: "Who Stabbed Reno England"

"THE MODELS OF BEKONSCOT", 5-minutes, Documentary, England. Directed by Sophie Le Neveu. A retro style documentary about an English model village dating back to the 1930's.This tiny town has a railway, buildings and animatronics - all in miniature.  IMDB
"IRRATIONAL" 8-minutes, Comedy, Florida. Directed by Holly Pearson.  Robin has a fear of mascots, which normally isn't a problem. But she was forced to tell her boyfriend, David, who now can't stop teasing her. Robin has tried to make him understand, but David continues to joke at her expense. In this mockumentary-style comedy, Robin attempts to get over her phobia once and for all by enrolling herself in an experimental therapy where she will be faced with her biggest fear.
"VOICE FROM THE GRAVE" 15-minutes,  Drama, Florida. Benny is a man with the mental capacity of a six-year-old child. His passion is coloring pictures, but the only person who takes an interest in them is his grandma, who is 'his best friend in the whole world'. She dies unexpectedly, leaving Benny alone, and friendless. But Benny is told by his Aunt Betty that if he talks to Grandma's burial urn, she can hear him...just like a Genie in a bottle. He does...and she answers him.
"THE TRAP" 5-minutes, Family, Canada. Directed by Rio Fitch.  A little girl sets a trap for an unsuspecting visitor.   Website
"CONDITIONAL" 12-minutes, Drama, Colorado. Directed by Pete Schuermann. Winner: Best Drama. Sometimes broken hearts are impossible to repair, especially on Christmas. Conditional is the story of how seemingly futile reconciliation can be between damage souls, yet how simple it is for man's best friend.

"WHO STABBED RENO ENGLAND?" 6-minutes. Drama. Florida. Directed by Donald Reynolds. Two police detectives investigate a stabbing at a local pizza parlor, with a wide range of characters as witnesses and suspects.
"RETTE SICH WER KANN (Rescue Yourself)" 13-minutes. Comedy. Germany. Directed by Daniel Seideneder. Winner: Best Foreign Film.  Paramedic Schmidt and his apprentice are in deep trouble with their boss. Now their next emergency call has to go smoothly… if it wasn’t for a seriously obnoxious fly! Things start to get pretty rough when the two feel forced to use their defibrillator as a weapon.  Website

"WHO I AM" 5-minutes, Music Video, New York. Directed by Dawn Young. This music video shines a light on an increasingly prevalent and heart breaking disease in which the victim gradually forgets personal history, how to function in society and how to survive. 'Who I Am' is performed by Jon Pousette-Dart and Jaime Kyle for our upcoming feature documentary 'Forget Me Not' on the subject of Alzheimer's disease. Website
"THE ABLES' HOUSE IS GREEN" 13-minutes, Drama, New Jersey. Winner: Best Cinematography. Directed by Duncan Rogers. Filmed in Vermont.  When two friends reunite on the lake of their youth, things are not as they once were. This short film by Duncan M. Rogers explores themes of change and our resistance to it, as well as the idea that sometimes a seemingly trivial event can be a watershed for tremendous change.
"CRUSHED" 7-minutes, Family, Florida. Directed by Paola Andrea Ariza. Following her slutty older sister's example, a persistent seven-year-old devises misguided plans to attract her teacher, failing miserably each time.